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This year, as we’ve done the bulk of your Christmas shopping for you 😜, we thought we'd also give you the chance to WIN your gift list! 

For the chance to win 5 products of your choice from our guide, simply follow the link below and enter our competition. 


Planks Gift Guide

Struggling with what to buy for your skier this Christmas? No stress - we asked the Planks Crew which shred-tastic gifts they want dropping down the chimney. 

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Gifts for Her

Women’s Mountain Supply Co. Zip Hood

"I have been wearing this hoodie in the shop as the Val d’Isere store can get a little chilly! It’s great for throwing over whatever else you're wearing or putting on under a jacket when it’s super cold!"

Hannah Sturdy, Val d'Isère Store Assistant

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Women's Good Times Insulated Jacket

"I love the versatility of this jacket, keeps me just as dry and cosy on my rainy commute in Manchester as it does when I head out to the chilly Alps. Plus, it ticks my boxes when trying to make more ethical clothing purchases – how do recycled plastic bottles look this good? Only problem is it still hasn’t given me the ability to do a front flip...yet!"

Clemence Hope, Customer Service & Sales Assistant 

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Gifts for Him

Men's Happy Days Pullover

“I have been wearing the Happy Days Pullover for the last 2 seasons and it’s so rad. I am back and forth between the mountains and the dry slope in Stoke so this jacket is perfect for rocking around the UK or shredding the hill in the Alps!”

Row Emery, Marketing Assistant


Men’s Peace Long Sleeve T-Shirt

“I wear this T-shirt in the shop while I’m working. Planks coffee makes you rad and so does this T-shirt!” 

Blair Bainton, Coffee Guy, Tignes

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Jones Leather Mitt

“I use these every day of the season - a do-everything kind of mitt. Wear liners with them on the colder days or just as they are in the Spring!”

Rob Embling, Head of Sales

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