Åre [Oh-rey]

So I'm back in the Sweden. The land where it's so dark in the winter that there's big headlights in the school yard so kids can go out and play during the breaks. Otherwise they can't see each other. But that's not the case now, it's light to at least 3 o'clock!! In Åre the lifts are open till 3 o'clock but after six you can go "night skiing". But there's not much different from the 3 o'clock skiing, you see it's just as dark but they turn on some nice lights in the pist to shred under. When I say shred it means finding small hits in piste, off rollovers and poppy jumps on cat tracks. Sounds great right? The thing is, it is! It's truly something very special about skiing in Åre. The conditions aren't the best but the vibe is so good. I think the fact that you don't have any expectations on the conditions never makes you disappointed. So here's a little photo diary from a recent weekend in Åre. Some pics have som pow in them and they're not fake. It did snow and we were very surprised and happy about that. Take a look and enjoy, all the pics are taken by my brother Fredrik Kockum. Peace out, Big Ttumblr_nj505kwK9H1rjwsdlo1_1280 tumblr_nj504rIREe1rjwsdlo1_1280 tumblr_nj503x24sx1rjwsdlo1_1280 DSC01908 - Kopia  

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