Eco Tips for Skiers

SHRED THREAD // 3rd Jan 2020

3rd Jan 2020

Be More Friendly - People Product Planet

Planks is committed to be more friendly to the people and planet we love. We are constantly evolving our products and processes to lessen our environmental impact, whilst continuing to support and give back to the skiing community. ♻️ #BeMoreFriendly

When it comes to sustainability we are not perfect by any means. There is always plenty of room for improvement, and that's what we aim to do. At Planks we are doing more year on year to improve our eco efforts and do our bit. Lots of us doing our best is so much better than few people doing it perfectly. Together we can make a difference! ✌️

Recycled Content

We are extremely proud to be working with Repreve® who are the world’s leading recycled yarn manufacturer. This recycled material includes plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in landfill and the ocean. To date we’ve recycled over one million plastic bottles into our product.

Step 1: Used plastic bottles are collected and sorted.

Step 2: Bottles are washed and chopped into flakes.

Step 3: Bottle flakes are melted and formed into chips.

Step 4: Chips are melted and extruded into recycled fibre.

Step 5: Fibre is made into fabric for your planet friendly gear.


We are now also incorporating Bluesign® approved fabrics in our outerwear, helping to set the standard for environmentally friendly and safe production.

In the clothing industry fast fashion contributes to resource pollution and waste pollution as such products have such a small lifetime before they are thrown out. So here at Planks we endeavour to repair all broken products, so we can make sure that all of our products have the longest possible lifetime.


Our main packaging consists of eco friendly brown paper bags that are 100% recyclable, 100% compostable and 100% reusable.

What Can You Do?


Flying can be one of the easiest ways to get to the mountains, but it also leaves the biggest carbon footprint. Try to find alternative ways to get to and from the mountains where possible, like train or coach travel for example. Grab a few beers for the journey, sit back and relax in the knowledge that you have cut your CO2 emissions for that journey by up to 90%. However, if you do need to fly make sure you offset your carbon footprint. Also, instead of using private transfers to resort try using car-sharing websites like BlaBlaCar.


Pick resorts that are doing their best to be more sustainable. Did you know some resorts are using renewable energy to power ski lifts, providing energy-efficient accommodation and low energy snowmaking. As an example Saas-Fee in Switzerland is the world’s first CO2-neutral ski town, the village is completely free of cars, they use 100% clean natural energy from local Valais hydraulic power and promote public transport which includes electric buses. There are plenty more resorts doing their bit to be more friendly, so make sure you do some research before you pick your next ski destination.


Recycle your old ski equipment and ski clothing, because your junk could be someone else’s jackpot. Hand your old gear down to young guns, students or your parents for example. There are also plenty of skiing buy and sell groups on Facebook, or alternatively, you could use online selling platforms such as eBay. Find charities that accept donations to give ski wear to the homeless, or people around the globe desperately in need of something warm to wear. If your equipment is unusable, maybe consider turning your old skis into furniture or ornaments.


Make sure you take all of your rubbish off the mountain with you and recycle. If you’re a smoker make sure you take a mini ashtray up on the mountain with you for your butts. Then finally, if you see any rubbish do your best to pick it up.


Support the charity Protect Our Winters, they turn passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates, to accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral society. Click here to find out what else you can do to protect our winters.