Behind our SS19 Collection

This year we have launched our very first Spring Collection. So you can shred the seasons with us! Featuring lightweight hoodies, packable anoraks, softshell riding hoods and leggings, Planks can now be with you from dawn till dusk, whatever the weather, whatever the season.

We caught up with the legends that are our Head Product designer Rob and the Founder Jim on their thoughts behind the new Spring collection:

A Spring collection is new this year. Can you tell us a little bit about why you have introduced the collection?

Rob: We want to bridge the gap between the mountain & the street. Our Spring collections give us the perfect platform to build from our strong presence in the Winter season.

Jim: There has been a demand from our customers for a while now for something outside of Winter, so we pulled the trigger and we are super happy with what we have put out. We are launching with a small collection to start and there are great things to come in the future.

What was the inspiration behind the collection?

Rob: UK Streetwear design has some really interesting cross-over into ski wear and we’re excited to be able to introduce some strong sportswear influences into the new line.

Jim: Lightweight, fun, with a view of being able to be used for riding. Our heritage is in the UK and we love what’s happening in the sportswear scene especially in our home base of Manchester, so we got hyped by that! Basically, we came into this with a thought of what would we what to wear on the street and on the mountain.

What are the main features of the collection? What makes it stand out?

Rob: Lightweight functionality. Products that are must-haves for Spring riding, yet versatile enough to work seamlessly in town, both in resort and back home.

Jim: For me the Radorak and Shredorak! A great piece for spring riding and chilling in town with.

How does the Be More Friendly campaign fit into this season’s collection?

Rob: The fabric in our Radoraks & Shredoraks are 100% recycled, made from post-consumer plastic bottle waste.

How do you see this added season growing in future collections?

Rob: We already have some really cool ideas for future spring collections. We aim to innovate and make products that you simply can’t leave behind on any trip! Watch this space!

Who has the Spring Summer Collection been designed for?

Rob: Skiers & anyone who loves the mountains!

Jim: Skiers just like us!

What is the key to good design?

Rob: Functionality, usability, simplicity and of course, style!

How do you come up with new design ideas?

Rob: Primarily we work closely with our team of athletes. They are skiers through and through and are at the forefront of style, pushing boundaries. We also talk to our customers and ask for honest feedback to help us make the best of the ideas we have. The connection with the people has always been the most important part of Planks.

Jim: We look to see what is going on in other sports we love like, skateboarding and snowboarding! But the best thing for me is I live in a ski resort all season, which is a great place to be to see what the latest trends are.

How does a product evolve? Where does it all begin?

Rob: For me, the key to product evolution is open-mindedness. We are always open to any ideas. I don’t like the term ‘bad idea’, I feel that there is usually something buried inside every idea that can be used in a positive way, no matter how weird it may seem at first!

Where do you see Planks Spring collection in 5 years’ time?

Rob: I hope that the Spring collections will continue to represent skiers, not only on the hill, but off it as well. I love the idea that we can represent you as a skier on any day at any time.

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