At the weekend (21-23 September), I headed down to Castleford for the Snow Tour British Indoor Freestyle Championships. It was a slopestyle competition. It was a really good set up and the format had changed this year to an elimination and a jam.  This meant the athletes didn't have to put down two runs and instead we had a 15 minute session on the first section of the course. There were 12 females and 24 males selected through to the first section. From the first section the number of athletes was halved and then went into the next stage. This happened throughout the course of the competition and the number of athletes got smaller until the last section left only 4 females and 6 males battling it out for a place on the podium. I was really stoked when it was announced that I had 2nd place in the Overall Women's category. The skiing was of a really high standard and everyone was pushing each other to try new tricks. I learnt a lot of new tricks and I am stoked to work on them to get them perfected for the next competition.

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