We are super stoked to announce that Planks pro team rider Lupe Hagearty is releasing his first film this fall. By Us For U aka. 'BUFU' is a completely self-funded passion project that Lupe has been working on all season alongside a few of his closest homies.

Last week Lupe spoke to the guys at Newschoolers.com about his first experience of producing a film; “It's been unreal. It started with the beginning of the season anticipating winter. Before you know it you’re on this wild ride of highs and lows. From stacking clips and traveling with your homies to someone getting hurt or not getting a shot for days. At the end of the day, it’s all worth it. The homies make it so damn fun.”

The film is gong to be shown at selected east coast stops of the Inspired tour this fall and will be released soon after. So check out the teaser just below and get hyped!!

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