Duncan Adams - Salt The Grease

Duncan Adams effortless style whether he's riding the half pipe or the ripping backcountry has earned him a cult following within the freeski community.

In recent years Duncan has had appearances in Level 1 movies and The Big Picture and Faction webisodes, however it's only ever been the odd shot here and there. But ever since signing Duncan to the Planks Pro Team a few years ago, it's been our mission to  work with him on producing his own video part.

Duncan has spent the last year collaborating with good friend Brady Perron and together they have come up with an absolute banger of an edit. It may now be long overdue but the moment you've all been waiting for is finally here. So sit back and enjoy...

Huge thanks to everyone who has helped us make this edit a reality!
Salt the Grease is presented by Planks Clothing and Bomb Snow
Filming and Editing: Brady Perron
Additional Footage: Thomas Vincent
Titles: Matthew Milewski
Song: Floatation Toy Warning - Fire Engine on Fire part II

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