Festival Kit Guide

Festival professional & Planks Clothing Founder Jim Adlington is here to tell you how it's done.

The UK festival scene is worth over 1 billion and does not seem to be slowing down. There is a new festival popping up every weekend and in the down season, we think there is nothing better to do than dance around a field rain or shine!

I’m a skier and when I go out for a day in the backcountry, I’m always prepared! My backpack is packed with everything I need, so I try to use this mindset when planning my time at a festival in the summer. While having an amazing time at the mother of all festivals Glastonbury, I started to notice how unprepared people were, so I wanted to give you guys my kit guide so you can have the best time possible.

So from the point that you leave your tent you’re all set for the day ahead. Most of the time your hangover from the night before has kicked in, to the point where you think your head might explode and it’s difficult to decide what you need for the day ahead. This year at Glastonbury it was hot, damn hot. The sun brings a whole new set of challenges, you need to stay hydrated and stay in the shade as much as you can. My kit guide takes on board all weather conditions and has everything you need if it’s wet or dry!


Festival Kit Guide


North Face Backpack
Get something comfortable to wear because it will be on your back for a long time.

Head Torch
Always useful for finding your way back to the tent, being able to see when you’re in a festival toilet and guiding your friends through a dark dance tent.

Lighter on a Cord
So you do not lose it, simple ideas are the best!

Red Flashing Bike Light
Great to make people aware your that your backpack is on the floor so they do not trip. Be considerate. It’s also a great way to find your friends in a crowd.

Bin Bags

To sit on and use to pick up litter. Set an example as too many people still think it’s ok to drop litter. Drop cliffs, not litter.

Vintage Nike Trainers

Comfort and style rolled into one. So I run can around the site, dance my ass off whilst having happy feet and look stylish.

Space Blanket

If it's good enough for NASA it’s good enough for you. They're only £2 and they keep you warm and dry if you need a sit down.

 Patagonia Vest & Fleece Bottoms
I'm a massive fan of Patagonia, I used to be a brand ambassador before I started Planks and I kept some key pieces. Vest to keep warm and fleece bottoms for a chilly evening.

Pen & Paper

The excitement of a festival can lead to voice loss as we get carried away, cheering and whooping! Once your voice goes you’re screwed, so you’ll need pen and paper to communicate. Plus you can send out positive vibe notes around a crowd, this is a fun game.

A Buff

To keep the face warm at night and cover-up from the CCTV if you get into your mind that people are chasing you. Trust me it happens!

Board Shorts
Quick-drying and you never know when you might have a chance to swim! Always be ready!

Can of Lager
Always keep at least one can in your bag at all times, because there will be a time of night even warm lager does the trick.

A Beanie
For when it get’s cold. 80% of your body heat escapes from your head. Warm it, do not lose it.  

A Pen
To write positive slogans on toilet doors. We’re not promoting graffiti but a positive message goes a long way on a festival toilet door. Example: Where did all the humans go?

1976 Figure of Princess Leia
You always need someone to guide the force!

Long Socks
Down for a warm day and up for a cool night!

Sun Cream
You've got your skin for life, so look after it.

Toilet Roll
Really, do I need to explain?

When do you not need it?

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