How to Layer up for Skiing

What are the benefits of layering up for skiing?

A good layering system provides three essential features via the different layers. Your base layers should wick sweat away from your body to keep you feelin' fresh. The mid layer will trap your body heat to keep you toasty. Then finally a waterproof technical shell will keep you dry and protected from the elements. Effective layers will also provide you with the option of removing layers to allow you to adjust and regulate your body temperature based on the weather conditions and your activities.

Skiing is an art, the mountains are the canvas, but behind every successful artist is his tools. Having the right equipment on the hill is super important, with materials getting lighter and more practical, and clothing becoming more hard-wearing, if you choose your kit well, it should last you a long time.

What is a good layering system for skiing?

These three main layers each have a role to play:

The Base Layer – This draws moisture off your skin, keeping you fresh and your body dry.

The Mid Layer – This keeps you warm by trapping your body heat.

The Outer Layer – Often referred to as the ‘shell’ this is your protection against wind, rain and snow.

What are the best products for layering?

The Base Layer - Fall-Line Base Layer Top & 3/4 Pants

The first thing to throw on is your base layer, and the most important thing to consider here is the material, as this layer sits against your skin whilst you’re on the move. The material used needs to provide warmth, breathability and comfort, which is why we have created our RIDEfreshUV.

RIDEfreshUV uses a combination of recycled REPREVE polyester, virgin polyester and elastane to create our Fall-Line Base Layer Top and 3/4 Pants. These products will keep you comfy and dry whilst shredding by drawing the sweat away from your skin and retaining it in the fabric. Fear not though, the anti-odour treatment of the products keeps you smelling fresh, ideal for the dirtbag powder hippies out there!

The Mid Layer - Cloud 9 Insulator & Field Tripper Fleece

The mid layer is an essential item in your winter wardrobe. These layers come in a variety of styles, materials and silhouettes, but at the end of the day, the main thing is that your mid layer keeps you warm. Our reimagined Cloud 9 Insulator is the perfect product to keep you toasty, without compromising comfort or space in your kit bag. We have updated the fit, style and fabric we use to make this an essential for your kit bag.

Whereas many high-end mid-layer products use down, fine bird feathers, there are now alternative synthetic downs, which are not only more ethical, but also more practical considering the lifestyle that we, as skiers, lead.

At Planks we are striving to do everything we can to be #BeMoreFriendly. The Cloud 9 Insulator features recycled REPREVE insulation made entirely of post-consumer recycled materials. This means that waste destined for disposal has now been used instead to create a product that will look after you, whilst we look after the planet. Synthetic down not only keeps animals from harm, it also washes better and dries quicker, giving you a more durable product.

The Cloud 9 Insulator is super lightweight and packs down into its own pocket, so if you get hot on those touring missions or lapping the park it’s super easy to carry with you for the rest of the shred. Fleece layers can also be used to keep the heat in, and our brand new Field Tripper Fleece is not only a reliable mid layer, but also a sweet piece of clothing to have for cruising about town.

The Outer Layer - The Yeti Hunter Shell Jacket & Bib

Often referred to as the ‘shell’ this is your protection against the elements in the backcountry, shielding you from wind, rain and snow. Our Yeti Hunter Shell Jacket and Bib is the most technical outerwear in our winter 2019/20 collection and is built using our Planks RIDEdry20 fabric.

RIDEdry20 is a 20k waterproof fabric that also manages to be breathable and lightweight, leaving us with great all-round outerwear that, if looked after, will remain in great condition season after season. We believe that durability of product is extremely important in the current climate, which is why we have coated this outerwear with a solvent-free durable water repellent (DWR), encouraging water and snow to bead straight off the layer. The aim is to keep the snow off you, so you can stay on it. Another thing to note when investing in a shell is that you need it to fit well over your other layers, so the best advice we can give you is to #KeepItLoose!

Now suit up and shred!

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