International Women's Day 2022 - Who Inspires You?

To all the ski bunny's, park princesses and backcountry b*tches, celebrating you all this international women's day.

Keep breaking the bias, smashing the ceilings and empowering others.

who inspires you?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the amazing women from past and present who have made the World a better place. Planks HQ have put together a list of the wonderful women who inspire them.

Michelle Obama was the United States’ first black First Lady. She used her influence to inspire young people to fight injustice and established herself as a powerful advocate for women around the world.

Kirsty Carlyle - Operations Manager

I know its super obvious but my mum. She has always supported me and driven me to follow my passions. She has had to put up with me and my crazy life. She always sees the good in everyone and I have learnt a lot from her about trying to do that in my own life. Sandy Adlington we salute you!

Jim Adlington - Founder of Planks

Junko Taibei was the first woman to summit Mount Everest. She also founded a women’s mountaineering club, the Joshi-Tohan Club. To summit peaks, mother children, break cultural stereotypes and empower other women, all within a lifetime, is very inspiring.

Jasmin Spence - Marketing and Trade Executive

A survivor of the Holocaust, Simone Veil became a pioneer of the French government after the war. As Minister of Health, she pushed forward two notable laws; facilitating the access to contraceptives in 1974 and legalizing the abortion in 1975. She was also the first woman to preside over the European Parliament in 1979.

Estelle Capes - Trading Manager

Aside from being a very talented and accomplished actress, Emma Watson has used her success as a platform to shine a light on issues faced by women across the world. As a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, she advocates and fights for gender equality through the HeForShe campaign and I feel she is an inspiration to a new generation.

Ant Williams - Assistant Accountant

Jacinda Ardern is a massive inspiration to me. As the youngest ever female leader and the second world leader to give birth whilst in office, Jacinda has proven she’s a great multitasker but also a progressive politician

Lauren Crosbie - Financial Controller

Growing up Kathy Burke was a ground-breaking comedian to me. I'd only ever seen men in comedy at that point, so in the early 90s, to see her on TV doing the things she did was really inspiring. She's just ace and she doesn't give a sh*t! Be more Burke!

Rob Clowes - Creative Director

In 1955, Rosa Parks’ refusal to obey a Montgomery bus driver’s order to sit in the "colored" seats was an act of defiance that became an important symbol for the African American rights movement. Her courage, in a time and place when being female and black was a huge obstacle, is inspiring.  

Rich Ewbank - Marketing Manager

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