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Welcome to Planks Clothing & Coffee in Tignes, our only store that sells both awesome clothes and even better coffee. Whatever your need, this place has got you covered! We first opened our doors for the people of Tignes in 2015 and swiftly became the coffee & cake spot of choice. Over the years, we have since developed into one of the busiest lunch spots in the heart of Val Claret.

Photo by: Sam Box

With the new decade upon us, we are continuing to try our hardest to #BeMoreFriendly. Year on year, we are evolving our products to lessen their environmental impact; our Tignes Café is just as important to us as our clothing.

Photo by: Sam Box

We run our café with as much attention to sustainability as possible. With awareness increasing about the current impact of meat production on our planet, it was a natural progression for the Tignes café to create its new menu out of entirely vegetarian and vegan options. Avoiding meat and dairy products in our diet is one of the biggest ways to reduce our environmental impact. We want our café to promote this ethos and show that, when done right, a plant-based diet can be delicious, nutritious and energising! So, whether you’re a veggie or not, we’ve got your back from brunch through to lunch (and après!) sorting you out for your hard days of shredding!

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Limiting our food waste is also hugely important to us, we prepare our food daily, as and when we need it thus reducing what we send to landfill. One-third of the food produced for human consumption is wasted, contributing to an array of issues such as the deforestation of valuable forests worldwide to grow food that will never be consumed.

Photo by: Sam Box

Our Planks Café is also the perfect space to engage with the community. This season we are utilising this to its full advantage organising events such as a charity quiz night in aid of ‘Protect Our Winters’. Keep your eyes peeled for more events this season! Seeing the snow-sports community slowly coming together to battle the climate crisis is inspiring and we, at Planks, are wholly dedicated to help drive this movement!

Photo by: Sam Box

So, come on in and say hello…

What Are Our Staff Doing to #BeMoreFriendly?


Climate change is obviously a massive topic of discussion right now, and it can be quite overwhelming to think about the massive impact it’s going to have on our lives. I just try and do small things every day to mitigate my personal impact. Personally, I find in the world we live in it’s hard to always be kind to the environment, but I try and do little things like recycling everything I can. Also, not constantly buying new clothes, just because I want them, but clothes I know I will wear for years. I also try to buy from retailers that use recycled material, just like Planks. Nobody is perfect at being eco-friendly, but I’m a bigger believer that many small changes are better than none.


I’m a skier and an environmentalist which undeniably does not go hand in hand. With the energy that goes into the running of resorts and the impact that skiing has on landscapes and wildlife, it’s easy to feel hypocritical. However, skiing is also what inspired me (and many others) to become an environmentalist in the first place; being out in the mountains is magic in that way! I’m a recent Environmental Science graduate, with a primary interest in alpine ecosystems, and I hope to put this into good use soon, but for now, I just concentrate on small lifestyle changes! My general rule is don’t waste anything whether it’s water, electricity, food etc. Other easy moves are to eat less dairy/meat products and only buy new clothes when you really need them or try and buy second hand where possible (charity shops, Ebay and Depop are great). It’s easy to feel negative and overwhelmed with everything that is happening and I find getting out into nature is a good fix!

Photo by: Sam Box

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