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Behind The People's Series Unisex Collection

We are stoked to introduce our first ever unisex collection, The People's Series. So far it has had a great response and we have already received a large volume of orders from our wholesale accounts. Back in February it was also awarded The Slide Award at one of the UK's main outdoor trade shows Slide.

"We introduced The People's Series to celebrate us as equals, no his or no hers, just great products that suit the style and fit the needs of both the sexes. It's time to shred together!" - Jim Adlington, Planks Founder

The collection features colours that work for both guys and girls, with a stylish work wear fabric. The Unisex People's Parka and People's Bib has been designed to suit any body shape and individual style! With a variety of adjustable features, including a removable sherpa lining in the hood.

We had a chat to Rob Clowes, Head of Design & Production at Planks Clothing, to find out more about our first true unisex collection.

"I think we have been able to create something very close to 'true unisex' and the reaction so far has been amazing. It's for the people!" - Rob Clowes, Head of Design

What was the biggest challenge designing a unisex collection?

"Creating a true unisex size & fit. We challenged ourselves to be able to offer something that could fit most people. There are too many brands out there with girls in guys clothing, lazily calling it unisex, but we wanted to actually make it more authentic and make the products work in the mountains. That’s why we created (slightly) more feminine cuts at the lower end on the size range, more neutral in the middle, then (slightly) more masculine towards higher end of the scale."

What is your favourite unisex feature?

"I think the stretch panels on the sides of The People’s Bib are great to help to fit lots of different body shapes. Also we’ve used a recycled workwear style fabric for only the People’s Parka & Bib which fits these styles perfectly and more importantly is nice and robust."

What was the most exciting part about designing a unisex collection?

"We always try to offer our customers something slightly off-beat from the norm in our market, whether that’s colour combos, slogans, even food in our cafe! Offering something unique like this is definitely the most exciting part for me. Shred Together!"

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