Planks X Salkan Competition

Two seasonaires with a serious skiing habit, Will & I met each other on our first 6-month stint in the Alps. We became friends fast (sharing a bunk bed for six months does that to you) but what we really bonded over was a footloose fixation on where we were hitting up next. Skiing and travel go hand in hand and we set up Salkan on the love of travel and adventure, combined with the frustration of not being able to find the right travel bag. Salkan is about the experience, not the destination. It’s letting the unknown play out in front of you. Whether that is skiing and finding the next cliff to drop off or a 5-day jungle trek in the rain, we have designed a travel bag that is ready for any adventure.

The Backpacker is great for the Alps. No-one likes dragging a suitcase through the snow, so taking a backpack is a great option if you have a bit of a hike from your transfer bus. Our lightweight (850g!) detachable Daypack is also perfect for bombing around the mountain looking for some fresh pow. One of the best things is that The Mainpack still performs like a suitcase with its large front-opening panel and packing cubes to keep all of your gear organised.

You can use this bag in the mountains, but that doesn’t mean the adventure has to stop there. I hate waiting around for the ski season to start when the lifts have closed, so the bag works for all kinds of travel where wheels won’t go, so you can keep using your bag all year round. The Flight&Rain cover deploys out of the bottom of the bag, so when that unexpected monsoon hits, your gear stays dry. We have also included a Laundry Sling so those overused socks don’t stink out the rest of your bag. Packed full of features it’s time you packed your Planks gear into a Salkan bag and headed out on your next adventure.

We met the Planks family in Val d'Isère during our season. It only seemed right that when we launched we teamed up with Planks to offer the perfect travel prize; that way you are covered for whatever the road or mountain throws at you. You have a chance to WIN Salkan’s The Backpacker, stuffed full of Planks Clothing's new Journey Series Collection – the perfect prize for anyone who loves to travel.

Written by: Salkan Co-founder, Tom Dimond

For you chance to WIN Salkan's all-new The Backpacker stuffed full of our new Journey Series, head over to our Instagram, follow @planksclothing & @discover.salkan, like our latest post, then tag 3 friends and hashtag the location of your next adventure. Good luck.

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