Real Skifi Episode 18

Real Skifi are back at it with more creative concepts, in their second collaboration with Mountain Dew, for Episode 18. You may remember how wild the last one was, well... wait until you see the mind-bender of an ender this time around. 👀
"Back in 2017, after releasing Real Skifi Episode 17 we put the original format on a break. We started focusing on videos with different concepts and names and we made more than a dozen of those. Now, three years later we decided it's time to bring back the old and well-rested format. The result is Episode 18 - four and a half minutes of pure Real Skifi street skiing action. Just like Episode 17 this one is a collab with Mountain Dew.
While shooting for the video the snow conditions were quite unreliable. At times we felt we had more Dew than snow. We would often rely on various snow piles and ice rinks to get things done. Despite all that we managed to film more new spots and tricks than possibly ever!" - Real Skifi

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