Riding Rhythms with Sven Rauber

Riding Rhythms is the latest movie from Troublehaus Media, an awesome blend of music and skiing. We caught up with Planks team rider Sven Rauber for an insight into the operation.

What’s the concept behind the film and who came up with it?

The concept behind the movie is to have a band - Electric Sun – who plays their custom made soundtrack live at the movie premieres.

As for the skiing aspect, it was important to all of us to show backcountry skiing filmed in the alps. Doing this we focused on a ‘simple’ approach to skiing, not trying to make it super epic or what so ever, but just showing it the way it is. To us skiing doesn`t need to be pimped, it is beautiful and joyful in itself. That is probably what was most important to me as a skier in this project. But I think what made the combination with the band so interesting, is that Electric Sun have a similar approach to music.

It was mainly Marco Tribelhorn a.k.a Troubleman who came up with the idea. He was organising all the different aspects. He was skiing, filming, editing and working together with the band. As he himself is a skier, movie producer and musician himself he was the perfect guy to do this, but it has taken him a lot of energy doing this. Thank you Marco for all your efforts!!


What were your biggest inspirations when making this film?

To me it was Marco who came up with this concept, but considering movies we both - and not only the two of us - were inspired by older ski movies. And I guess we both were inspired most by IDEA the one ski movie that is still giving me the best feeling while watching, because it is illustrating skiing, simply skiing. Performed by some sensitive skiers who know what makes skiing feel so good.

What has been the most fun part to be involved in?

To be honest I have mainly been involved in the skiing part and it was super fun at times but not always. We were filming during the past two seasons and conditions were not always easy. But this project it was not only about skiing, so I guess the most joyful part about it was coming together with everybody who was involved in this project at the movie premiere. Watching and listening the whole movie with the live music for the first time to then just "high five" everybody, because it was worth all the work everybody and especially Marco has put into it!!

You have just had your premieres with a live soundtrack, how did
that work?

I really couldn`t imagine how everything would work, but it worked really well. The band were hidden behind the screen so you could only see their silhouettes but you could really feel that the music was being played live! Made me have goosebumps again and again..

Are their plans for more movies in the future?

Not sure, yet. All of us are working or studying and especially for Marco it meant a shitload of work. Work that absolutely paid off, but also work that took a lot of his time and his energy. So we will have to see how everything develops after all the premieres are being played and the project "Riding Rhythms" is completed.


Watch the full film now.. 

Riding Rhythms | Full Movie from troublehaus on Vimeo.

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