SIGB Ski Test

Last week the whole of the British ski industry descended on Kuhtai in Austria for the SIGB Ski Test. Luckily the trip coincided with the biggest snowstorm of the season, making it perfect conditions for testing next years kit.

Not wanting to miss out on all the fun we asked some of the tests top gear-heads to put our new outerwear through it’s paces. When the weather finally broke and the sun started shining on the fourth morning, we managed to snap a few shots and get their feedback on how the kit had held up to the conditions.

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“The Yeti Jacket & Bib was perfect for the test. We had all types of weather and temperatures but the kit never let me down. An athletic fit with great technology.”
John Taylor from Ski & Board Magazine

“I wore the 3L shell combo but it still kept me super warm as I couldn’t feel the wind at all. I only managed to test the outfit for a couple of days but I wish I had had it for the whole week.” 
Adam from Snow & Rock Chill Factore

“I love the new Happy Days Pullover!! It’s super versatile, it looks good in town and on the hill. The only thing that I didn’t like was having to give it back at the end of the week.”
 Renato from Ski Bartlett

We even spotted Dean Harris from The Snow Centre in Hemel wearing a super old Planks hoodie. He told us that it had been passed on to him from a friend a few years ago - already well worn, yet he’s been wearing it to ride in ever since. Great to hear that our gear really does stand the test of time!

But the tester of the week has to go to Pete Davison from LD Mountain Centre who wore the new Yeti Jacket and Bib all week. Not only did he love the kit but he even managed to bag himself some serious face shots and some awesome photos to prove it.

We left the test site on the last day with a few parting words from Mike at SIGB “Take only photos and leave only footprints.” A philosophy that we at Planks can truly get behind and we're already looking forward to coming back again next year to take a few more photos.

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