Ski at Home UK Winners

Ski at Home. Protect UK Slopes. Save the Scene.

Coronavirus restrictions hit the UK’s ski slopes hard. Having to shut down during the peak ski season was devastating for many of these small, community-run businesses. When they reopened at the end of March, we set out on our mission to get Brits back on bristles (or inside the fridge).

In April and May, we ran our Instagram video & photo contest with a huge prize bundle worth £1000 up for grabs. We asked our community of British skiers to get down to support their local slope and share it on Instagram using the hashtag #SkiAtHomeUK.

On Tuesday the 8th of June we closed the competition. And after sorting through over 150 entries, it is safe to say that the standard of grassroots talent up and down the UK is next level! For an island with very little "real skiing", we have one of the strongest ski scenes and are blessed with the most artificial ski facilities in the world.

Without further ado, let's find out who the winners of the #SkiAtHomeUK contest are, shall we.

overall winner (male)

As soon as Alex Black's first entry hit the 'Gram, his effortless OG style caught our eye, and not only that, he was putting down some pretty progressive stunts. It didn't stop with just one entry, oh no, he was pumping them out like Mr Whippys on a sunny day. But the entry that solidified Alex's overall position has to be his switch misty 450 to tranny-find, with mind-boggling precision. Congratulations Alex, you are the overall Ski at Home UK Champion. Big up yourself!

overall winner (female)

Next up, we've got the overall winner for the ladies. The female category was extremely tight with so many girls crushing it at their local slopes. Style and send, this chick has it all on speed dial. Jenna Brennan, you are the overall Ski at Home UK Champion! We can't wait to see what astronomical ridiculousness you bring to Warmwell's plastic mountain next, keep killing it!

best rail

Kendal Snowsports Club is one of the smaller dry-slopes in the UK, hidden away behind a quiet housing estate. Well, at least it was calm and quiet until Sam Pattison set up a rowdy rollercoaster of a rail-zilla rail, that stretched almost the full length of the slope. For slaying his almighty creation and squeaking a cheeky front 270 out, we had to award him with Best Rail, big up Sam!

best jump

The winner of this category is another skier who was firing out entries faster than a semi-automatic, pap-pap-pap! This particular skier first caught our eye with a perfectly synchronised frontflip with fellow Aberdeen shredder Abbie. The skier we're talking about is 13-year-old Sandra Caune, and she might be the next skier coming out of Aberdeen to follow in the footsteps of the legendary Kirsty Muir. Sanda put down a rad rodeo and some sendy 720s on Aberdeen's Snowflex booter. Sandra, we would like to award you with Best Jump, so you'd better tell Kirsty to watch her back because you're chasing her lead.

best grom

This was possibly the hardest category to decide on a winner for, because there were so many groms worthy of taking a hop to the top spot, like Deja and Max to name a few. But for the nipper rippers, we've got Palmer Parish taking home Best Grom. For an 11-year-old Palmer has a beastly bag of tricks to flaunt in the fridge or Norfolk Snowsports Club, the farmers' favourite dry-slope, and he did just that in his entries. So congratulations Palmer for winning Best Grom.

most stoked

Skiing in the UK isn't perfect, but it's the vibes and the people that make it. We ski because it's fun, right? Back in 2019, this guy bagged Most Stoked at our Stoke Ski Centre stop of the Planks Grassroots Tour. After taking a huge slam to the diamonds of death, even though he was in excruciating pain, it was almost impossible for him to wipe the huge smile off his face. So after seeing the amount of stoke in his smile in the final clip of his entry, we couldn't resist awarding Most Stoked to this legend for a second time. Congratulations Max Hammond, you're on a vibe man!

best scene

Last but certainly not least, we wanted to give a special award to the Best Scene in the UK. Again, skiing in the UK isn't perfect, but it's the people that make it and the winner of this final category is a prime example of that. Throughout the whole #SkiAtHomeUK contest, there was so much content and progression coming from a particular dry-slope in the south of England. Dryslope is not dead, and Warmwell Snowsports Centre in Dorset is one of the best in the business!

A huge shoutout and congratulations to all of the staff at Warmwell Snowsports Centre, and all of the shredders who are helping to keep the dry-slope scene alive. We need more slopes in the UK with scene stokers like Kev Mills and crew: who always makes sure your skis are waxed for optimum speed, that there's a sick setup to ride, and without asking they've already filmed that trick you just landed. Watch this space, because we expect some serious grassroots talent sprouting from this slope in the next few years.

Congratulations to all of the winners, we will be in contact over the coming days to organise your prizes. In the meantime, keep supporting your local slopes and spreading the stoke. The UK ski scene is in safe hands. Peace, love and plastic mountains! ✌️

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