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Ski movie heavyweights Level 1 have just released their 16th annual feature film Small World. The film stars Planks riders Noah Albaladejo & Duncan Adams and it definitely doesn't disappoint. The film follows the crew as they head out on trips to every corner of the globe in search of increasingly unusual locations, playing with the idea that in today's modern world any destination is just a few clicks away. From the secret valleys of Switzerland to the ancient cities of Estonia, what is truly left to explore? It's a Small World, after all. We caught up with Noah and Duncan to find out their thoughts on filming with Level 1, what its like travelling to new places and their plans for the future.

Noah on the set of Small World in Tallin Estonia. Photo Stephan SuttonNoah on the set of Small World in Tallin, Estonia. Photo Stephan Sutton.



Planks: This is your first year filming with Level 1, how did you enjoy it? Noah: It's a dream come true... I have been watching and getting inspired by Level 1 since I was a kid and I can say that it turned my passion and lifestyle when I saw movies like that. So that's the best way I can explain to you how much I enjoyed it! Planks: You met up with the crew in Finland, Estonia and the States, which was your favourite trip? Noah: Every trip has something special and it makes you ski in different ways, but Finland and Estonia were very sick regarding the urban spots we found and the beautiful places we all went for the first time. Planks: You take a couple of big fails in the film, is that the hardest part about trying to shoot a street segment? Noah: Everything is bigger and more gnarly in the streets so there is a higher chance to fail and get hurt, but there are a lot of other things make urban hard as well. Planks: Do you think you will be filming with Level 1 again next year? Noah: I hope so! Things are looking very sick for next winter and if everything goes right I will be filming with Level 1 again.


Duncan Adams Nosebutter 3 shifty

#SmallWorldMovie available for streaming, download, or rental on Vimeo 6 days from today, along with the official trailer! We'll keep firing off the bonus clips in the meantime... Duncan Adams 3 nosebutter shifty in Grindewald #Switzerland Faction Skis

Posted by Level 1 on Tuesday, 15 September 2015


Planks: How was filming with Level 1 this year? Duncan: A bit of a struggle, I only went on one trip with them and we had some warm weather to deal with so I only got one shot I liked, but that's the way of the road though. Planks: What are the best things about Switzerland? Duncan: The mountains, the food (cheesepots) and the beer. Planks: Do you think you will be filming with Level 1 again this season? Duncan: Hard to tell right now. I'm planning on spending most of my time filming for Faction and the Big Picture. Check out the teaser just below, its action packed and its totally free. The full movie is available to rent or buy exclusively on Vimeo for the the next couple of weeks.


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