still waiting...

Hey guys,

well... as the title says, we're all 'still waiting' for the winter to come in here in Tyrol. But it has still been a very fun time up there - so here are the first impressions of my season for you. For me, the season started with some park skiing and many fun windlip sessions at our local glacier resorts. I put together a little edit two months ago, so if you haven't seen it yet or want to watch it again ... enjoy ;) Afterwards, it started to snow a little. But it was always connected to strong winds - so we still don't have an acceptable and stable base here. This brings us to my next edit with the same title, haha. '#2 - still waiting -' includes some shots form the last two months here in Tyrol and some b-shots from the first two days of shooting for El-Flamingo and FreeRidersLife, where we went to Italy to catch some powder: The lack of snow here also caused the organizers to postpone the first Freeride World Qualifier in Axamer Lizum, which I wanted to attend, so let's hope for better conditions next Saturday at the FWQ 2* event in Kappl. I'm really motivated to start into the competition season, so bring it on winter ... ;)
Talk to you soon...

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