Summer ski-Les 2 Alpes

Hi everyone, Just a lttle post about the week I spent in Les 2 Alpes. I came for the Kumi Yama with my team (Jessy Cornu and Thomas Nicoud) but we didn't compete because of the lack of speed, moreover the set up wasn't very good in our opinion... Anyway we went to the rail line to shred and that was really fun!kumi yama   My team mate Jessy Cornu and I just before the Kumi Yama's training. Hopefully the Kumi Yama party was very fun! I stayed 4 days after the Kumi in Julian's flat, the weather wasn't so good but that was fun to shred the rails. I did some new tricks I am stocked on and I even took the kickers for some tricks so that was a good week ! Kicker Les 2 Alpes Now I am back home and will not ski until October. I'll be back on skis after the summer break (more motivated than ever) for a new season that promises to be great! Cheers  

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