The Skier's Bucket List

What's on your bucket list? Being able to backflip into your 70s or ski touring on the Lofoten Islands? We caught up with some of our athletes to find out what they would like to do on skis before they kick the bucket.


"Like many (probably most) skiers a trip to shred step, long, deep Alaskan lines is the dream! This is of course right up there on my ski bucket list. However, I’ve got to wish really hard for this one, because I’ve actually been lucky enough to go, but I only got one drop before the weather shut me down for the rest of my trip. So, I want to get back there and have some good conditions this time too!"


"It would be pretty cool to jump out of a helicopter into a line. I would also like to be in a city that gets so much snow it gets shut down and it’s a free for all with filming street. I had that happen once before, but I was not prepared."


"I'd love to film an urban part in my home city of Glasgow. Although sadly it does seem unlikely due to the lack of snowfall we usually get. I've still started writing a list of spots I think would be cool if the opportunity ever arises."


"I want to stay as healthy as possible. I'd like to be able to do a backflip on skis still when I'm old. Like really old. I'd like to be the grandpa that shows his grandchildren how to do jumps and rails haha."


"I'd love to have skied on all 7 continents. Antarctica might be a bit of a push, but I feel like the rest are all well within reach. So far I've only ticked off 3, Europe, Asia, and Australasia, but I'd love to get North and South America done soon. I don't think the ski scene is huge in Africa, but I've heard of a couple of small resorts in South Africa and I think there might be some backcountry skiing in the Atlas Mountains if you time the conditions right."


"Ski some powder in Japan. Visit some of the parks in America. Ski Australia and go back to New Zealand and Canada."

📸: Sam Mellish


"I’m fortunate to have already ticked off a few of my goals in skiing, such as going to the Southern Hemisphere to ski and landing a triple cork, which I’ve managed to do both already. In the future I’m looking to compete in some of the biggest ski competitions in the world, would love to go and ski some powder in Japan, and of course, find and hit Chad’s Gap."


"I genuinely have a bucket list written down in the back of my sketchbook. These range from giving another person a tattoo to seeing Machu Picchu. In all honesty, my main goal on the bucket list was to get paid to travel and ski! Pretty damn stoked that I’m halfway there!"


"The obvious one would be to do the same monster tricks that I did on SSX (video game) as a kid, that would be super nice. But something more realistic would have to be a private park shoot somewhere in Sweden, with all my friends and endless possibilities to build what we want, then make a super nice edit from that. I would also like to build a ski with a motor that can take me up the slope without taking the t-bar or gondola, so you can skip the expenses of buying a ticket and skip the line to get to the lift."


"An end of season trip to Klappen in Sweden, or maybe Folgefonna in Norway for a big kicker session with a big crew of friends under a banging sunset. An early-season trip to anywhere that has trees, playful terrain, and lots of powder. I’d love to skin to a refuge somewhere deep in the forest with a small group of friends and spend a week just skinning, skiing, eating, and sleeping, no wifi needed. Finally, having a home in the mountains. Somewhere I could set up a little rope tow on a steady slope, a few rails, and medium-sized jumps. I could invite all of my mates to shred the little park, just like Andreas Håtveit's backyard."


"Skiing a steep Alaskan spine line and chucking a flat 3 off a cliff midway through! As well as travelling far for my dreams, I'd love to ski some steep, gnarly, rocky, never been done Scottish gully lines, and stomp a double cork off a big park jump in a Scottish resort!"


"During my life on Planet Earth, my dream is to spend my life skiing, at every ski resort, in the wildest parts of Earth, where there is no civilisation, just nature and I. Also, I want to be a part of the fight against climate change, it's super important to preserve nature to have good conditions as long as possible. It's going to be a long fight but it may be worth the effort."


"First would be going to whistler, I have met many people who have told me a lot of good things about the slopes and snow quality. My second one would be skiing on the Lofoten Islands, the scenery is gorgeous, and arguably much more impressive in person to what we all see on social media. Finally, for as long as I’m on Earth I would love to ski every skiable place on the planet."


"Personally, it would be competing in an Olympic Games. It’s always been a dream of mine from a young age to represent my country on the biggest world stage for sport. Aside from that, I’ve always wanted to heli-ski and explore the backcountry a lot more, as I’ve been a park skier for the vast majority of my career. Last, but not least, I want to pack up all my stuff and simply travel to as many ski towns as possible. The different cultures and multitudes of terrain across the globe have interested me for a long time. This item on my list will never be fully ticked off, but gradually fulfilled with every trip."

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