Tom Lesuire - Season Review

Hi everyone, This season was a really busy one for me. I've worked at the Val d'Isere Snowpark wich was a really great experience for me. I was able to ride the park everyday, with the local riders... In February, I went to Turkey to do a Freestyle Demo for Power FM (one of the biggest radio in Turkey), the weather was not perfect but we did a good show and that was an opportunity for me to explore the ski resort of Uludag, wich was bigger than I expected. I've shot a lot with V Production, the second biggest film production company in France in order to have some great shots in their new movie for the IF3 Annecy next fall. And finally, I've also shot with 3 photographers this year, to get some cool shots to put on Facebook and magazines (Le Figaro), I'm pretty excited to see the final result :) Peace everyone, follow me on Facebook to see great shots and huge airs ( or on Instagram at @thegameonskis #thegameonskis Thanks  

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