Top 10 FREE Ski Movies

There is so much skiing content on the internet, it is sometimes difficult to know where to start. So, if you want to indulge in some quality skiing content beyond your Instagram feed, we have put together a list of Top 10 Free Ski Movies from the past few years.

The Bunch, leaders of the new wave skiing movement, recently released their latest masterpiece, Elnour, that is full of mind-bending creative skiing. It features 2020 X Games Real Ski Bronze Medallist & Fan Favourite, Alex Hackel, alongside Magnus Graner, Lucas Stål Madison, Pär Hägglund and Planks Clothing athlete Benjamin Carlund.

Welcome from Strictly is the perfect mix of park, powder and urban, with some rad visuals, rad editing and rad skiing. Welcome features well know athletes such as Jonah Williams, Ethan Swadburg and Sam Zahner, alongside up-and-coming skiers like Carson Kerr.

It is difficult to imagine freeskiing without Henrik Harlaut, since he came into the game as a young gun. He has an unbelievably infectious passion for skiing, alongside unparalleled skill and unique style. There is no part of freeskiing that he hasn't completely dominated, the competition circuit, the backcountry and the streets, year-on-year every year. He is unstoppable. His two-year project The Regiment puts this all into perspective.

Alex Hall, the triple X Games Gold Medallist, has quickly become a household name over recent years. His skiing is both technical and creative, with a seamless style throughout everything that he does. Last year, he came together with friend and fellow pro skier, Hunter Hess, to produce Magma, a ski movie made for the love. No sponsors, no funding, just purely for the love of skiing.

Most of the key players in the new wave skiing movement have now been snapped up by ON3P skis. So, it is no surprise that their latest film, ON3P 5, features some of the most impressive, innovative and creative skiing. Unlike ON3P 1, 2, 3 and 4, this film is 100% in the backcountry, featuring Magnus Graner, Jake Mageau and Jake Doan.

Freeski legend Tanner Hall, AKA Ski Boss, was out of the game for a while, but in recent years he has made one hell of a comeback, solidifying his legend status in skiing. Some say that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, well, Tanner's skiing in Here After proves that wrong. At the age of 36, he is still chasing the game, and chasing it hard.

Faction no doubt has an unbelievably stacked crew, including Alex Hall, Antti Ollila, Daniel Hanka, Duncan Adams and many more. If you don't already know, watch The Collective, then you will know. It has a range of diverse segments that give something for every kind of skier, also featuring what is arguably the best women's segment of all time, with the likes of Kelly Sildaru and Sarah Hoefflin.

Once again, the Legs of Steel crew make child's play of skiing in some best powder playgrounds in the world, from Switzerland to Japan, featuring Ahmet Dadali, Markus Eder, Paddy Graham and more. This is the perfect ski film for all of you die-hard powder hounds - and everyone else too. After watching 121, you will be daydreaming for days about your next steep and deep fix.

Jiberish was a big part of freeskiing in the OG days of oozing afterbang, featuring skiers such as Tom Wallisch, Adam Delorme and Mike Hornbeck. Since then, Jiberish has had much less presence in freeski media, until it came back with a serious bang in 2018 with Banged Up. Sam Zahner, Calvin Barrett, Pete Koukov and the rest of the crew, hit the streets for some seriously burly street skiing.

Tom Wallisch returns from his 2018 knee injury, intent on spending the season skiing powder in the backcountry with good friends. So, he joins forces with his former roommate, Tim McChesney, to do just that. Then along the way LJ Strenio, Jonah Williams, Nicky Keefer and friends get involved too. Introducing Cruise Control from Good Company Ski.

Stay tuned for more lockdown content coming soon... Until then, stay safe and stay inside shredders. ✌️

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