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Tis the season to be strong, stoked and ready to shred. This winter at Planks, we have teamed up with our good friend and fellow mountain lover Emily Ruth Williams, who invites us to join her on the yoga mat every Monday morning at 7:30am.


As active people, looking after our bodies is crucial to our daily enjoyment and ability to explore our surroundings. Skiing, much like yoga, requires stamina, strength, balance and concentration, and this sunrise flow class aims to get you connecting with your breath, and moving the body in ways that will mentally and physically prepare you for the day ahead.

Whether you’re here for a week, or for the season, it’s likely that you’ll notice areas of weakness and overcompensation whilst you’re moving on the mountain. Generally skiers will experience tightness in the hip flexors and quads, and as a snowboarder perhaps you’re feeling the burn in your hamstrings and groin. Yoga is a great way to tune into those particular areas and work on opening up, stretching and strengthening, so that you can keep it loose on the hill.

As a skier and snowboarder herself, Emily is the perfect person to help get you limbered up for a day of riding. She understands that the mountains are a physically demanding environment, and learning with her will give you more of an insight into how your body specifically can be trained to prevent injury and unnecessary strain.

Emily says, “I teach how I would like to be taught, with thoughtfulness in my mind, and love in my heart. Each day I try to come to my mat open to the endless possibilities that are before me and I invite you to do so too. Stepping on to your mat at the beginning of class I hope that you feel as though you are entering a safe space, and over time as we practice together, you will become more attuned to your own inner world. Being present in the moment and being with the people and energies that are surrounding us, I encourage you to listen to your internal gauge and find what feels good for you.”

We’d love to see you in store, on the Yoga mat, and up the mountain so to book a space for next Monday’s class, head to

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