11th Anniversary Interview With Jim Adlington

SHRED THREAD // 27th May 2020

27th May 2020

10th anniversaries are so last year! To celebrate our 11th anniversary we will be releasing 11 limited edition products for 11 weeks. Planks Clothing Founder, Jim Adlington, talks about his journey to becoming a pro skier and the story behind Planks.

To kick things off, we've got The Skiers Choice T-shirt and hoodie, this design was originally released in 2009. Inspired by the Rastafarian influences on freeski culture back then, thanks to freeskiing legends like Tanner Hall and CR Johnson. Everyone loves to listen to some reggae on a powder day!

For our second limited edition we've got Powder to the Skier! Originally released in 2013, the Powder to the Skier print was heavily influenced by the Northern Soul movement in the UK. Mad dancing & funky soul vibes!

Originally released in 2009, this was our first-ever 'SKIER’ T-shirt with a print inspired by the logo from the band Kiss. This is your badge of honour, show the world that you ride on four edges and not two.

Originally released in 2015, this print was inspired by the legendary Shane McConkey and his Game of GNAR. £10 from every 'Way Better Skier' T-shirt sale will be donated to the Shane McConkey Foundation. Even if you're not, it's always good fun to tell your mates "I am a way better skier than you!"

Originally released in 2012, the Powder Hound T-shirt is our homage to Biggie the Planks dog. Beats, bones & bitches are his usual cornerstones to life, but he also loves that deep powder! If you're barking mad about shredding pow', join the Powder Hound and his pedigree chums!

The next 11th Anniversary Limited Edition will be released on the 3rd of July 2020...