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As not all of us can get back on our skis right now, it is time for some more skiing videos to keep us thirsty for skiing when we can. So, we jumped into our athlete archives to recycle some old content from our pro athletes Lupe Hagearty, Real Skifi and James 'Woodsy' Woods.

Lupe is certainly no stranger to street skiing, but he really made his mark with some seriously big hits in his 2016/17 street part with Good Company Ski. Despite the sheer size of some of the hits in this project, in true Lupe style, he puts the ease in steeze.

Lupe has an original and super slick style, as you will see in this edit from Mt. Hood in the summer of 2018. It includes a few of his signature tail presses, that are more laid back than most people would be to put their feet up and watch TV. So, let's sit back and let Lupe's skiing do the talking.

A voodoo child is a younger friend that you take under your wing, from a young age Lupe felt that's what skiing did for him. Skiing is his passion, the driving force in his life, and everything to him. So, sit back and watch skiing take Lupe under its wing, with more style and big hits in the streets this is his solo project Voodoo Child.

Lupe has been slaying the streets on his skis for over a decade now, so last year he put together a 10 Year Street Recap. Check out the trailer below, and if you like what you see, be sure to check out the full video on Newschoolers.

No one sees the world of freeskiing as Real Skifi do. They have been causing a storm on the internet since 2011, and quite rightly so, with some of the most original creativity in skiing. Before they were on the Planks Clothing pro team, they were wearing skinny purple jeans, so here is a throwback to one of their earlier episodes.

While ski resorts and ski slopes are closed, everyone has been itching to get back to skiing. Maybe some summer skiing, Real Skifi style, is the inspiration you need to scratch that itch for now. In episode 16, with no ski slope in sight, the boys ski on everything but snow.

In episode 17 they prove that they're not only some of the world's most creative skiers, but also masters of product placement. As you come to expect from these guys, the episode is packed full of mind-blowing creativity, including shin slides, hula hoop grinds, and much more.

Woodsy is a household name on the competition circuit these days, where we often see him putting down some of his best runs throughout the season, but how deep is his bag of tricks? Well, to answer the question, here is a classic SLVSH Instabanger with Woodsy from 2017.

Have you ever wondered what life would be like as a pro? Well, in 2018 Woodsy started his own YouTube series, Woodsy's World, to give us a behind-the-scenes perspective of day-to-day life as a professional freeskier. If you haven't already been following the past two seasons, all fifty episodes are available on Woodsy's YouTube channel right now.

Last year Woodsy became the World Slopestyle Champion in some extremely challenging conditions, and thanks to Woodsy's World, we get to see all of the behind-the-scenes action like we were riding shotgun with him in Park City.

That's a wrap for now, but make sure you stay tuned for more athlete archives coming soon...

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