A few pictures instead of a few thousand words

I wanted to sum up the last couple of months succinctly, and looking through the photos I was planning to put in here I realised that they tell the story pretty well themselves....
Back to Chamonix! My first European ski home
The Chamonix competition venue. I skied fall line from the start point even though I had a bruised ankle bone and the flu, still managed to come 10th!
Film trip to east Tirol, lot of snow there!
Dropping in at the competition in Axamer Lizum
Flipping my last air in the Axamer Lizum competition, this photo was all over the German and Austrian media!
Was great to win the competition at Axams since it's my adopted home resort here in Austria, thanks Pete and Tom for bringing the NZ flag!
The next comp was also local, on the same venue as the FWT was, but I managed to backflip one of the biggest cliffs this time!
Really happy to land this one
I came 2nd and won best trick
On top a my line on the film trip to Switzerland
Skiing my line, I skied fall line from here onto the shelf with the compulsory air into the opening fan, photo by Mickey Troja/Whiteroom Productions
Back to Austria for another comp, but the snow was melting fast so we had to get creative
I had a good time skiing that line
Back to Switzerland for filming this mouth watering face
Unfortunately this is how it finished though, my friend Raphy broke the crest of his pelvis in a fall and had to get helicoptered out. Thanks to our local friend Lukas for all his help!
Since then we've been enjoying spring park jibbing in the sun :)

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