"Farata" NDB prod winning video at Paye ton Scenar contest

Hi evryone, Last week took place "Paye ton Scenar" a video contest that allows the winner to get a spot for the next IF3 in Annecy. Our video won the contest thanks to a funny scenario written by Renaud Rossat Mignod (from NDB prod).montage It is all in french so I'll explain you a bit about the storyline so that you can understand what it is all about. Let start with the name of the movie, "Farat" comes from an old Savoyard dialect and was used to describe someone unreliable or someone wearing too loose clothes... This video shows that for years people always managed to find excuses to go skiing rather than dealing with other things, like girlfriends ;) And nowadays it's still the same. Now you can enjoy the video here : http://www.zapiks.fr/pts-2014-best-scenar-farata-.html If you liked it you can join NDB prod on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/NDB-prod/120781631277813?fref=ts Cheers !

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