Athletes Confirmed for Planks Grassroots Tour 2019

At the weekend we kicked off the 2019 Planks Grassroots Tour at CopenHill dry-slope in Copenhagen, Denmark. This was our first ever international stop for the Planks Grassroots Tour, but now we’re back on home turf for all of the UK stops, starting with Bearsden in Scotland on Sunday the 13th of October. Followed by Tamworth SnowDome on the 15th, Stoke Ski Centre on the 17th and The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead on the 18th, before we wrap things up on the 27th at the London Ski & Snowboard Festival.

Every event is set to be off the charts, with some of the best parks the UK scene has ever seen, the best atmospheres you could ever wish to ski in, but not only that… We’re giving you the opportunity to ski alongside some UK and international professional skiers. So, you may be interested to know who you can ski with on the Planks Grassroots Tour this year. Without any further ado, here is a list of the international athletes that will be joining us for this year’s antics.

Will Wesson

Will Wesson, X-Games Real Ski gold medalist, is known worldwide as one of the best rail skiers in the world. You may also know him from Line Traveling Circus, the longest running online video series, where he an Andy Parry travelled the US and the world, finding weird and wonderful places and ways to ski. The duo inspired many generations of skiing and have been the face of Line Skis for many years. Will has lived and breathed the grassroots ethos in skiing for most of his career, he joined us at our Manchester stop of the Planks Grassroots Tour last year, but now he’s back for more.

Kevin Salonius

Kevin Salonius, another ninja of the rails, he is known for his mind blowing backyard dry-slope creativity. Kevin was a Level 1 Superunknown Finalist back in 2014, later appearing in Level 1 movies and more recently joining the infamous Line Traveling Circus crew. So it’s no surprise that Kevin has an exceptionally fresh and creative approach to skiing.

Lupe Hagearty

Then last, but almost certainly not least, is our very own Lupe Hagearty. He has been making some serious moves in the world of urban skiing over the years with the likes of Good Company Ski, and recently releasing his ten-year street recap, that he premiered at High Five Festival in Annecy, France. Not only is Lupe a style master, but he also has one of the industry’s most infectious smiles.

British Grassroots Athletes

Alongside these big names, some of our British Grassroots athletes will be down for the ride up and down the UK, to show the top dogs the ropes of dry-slope and indoor skiing. We look forward to seeing you all soon, ski you there!

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