Planks Grassroots Tour 2019 Stop 2: Bearsden, Scotland

For the second stop of the Planks Grassroots Tour, we headed over to Bearsden Ski Club in Scotland. Bearsden is home to one of the biggest dry-slope jumps in the UK, which is home to some of the best Scottish skiers, including our very own Harris Booth and Kirsty Muir. We had rain in the forecast, but here in the UK that’s known as a dry-slope powder day, so we weren’t complaining.

We now have Planks Pro Team rider Lupe Hagearty with us for the rest of the tour, alongside members of the infamous Line Traveling Circus, Will Wesson and Kevin Salonius. It was no surprise these rail ninjas were eyeing up every possible rail combos the moment they landed at Bearsden Ski Club, to create what you may call a metal monster.

As we kicked off the warm-up session, from the get-go, Kirsty Muir was already lacing up some serious stunts on Bearsden’s beast of a booter. Followed by Lupe finding his feet on his first-ever dry-slope experience and it wasn’t long before it looked like dry-slope was his home.

The heavens opened and the conditions of the dry-slope powder day began to intensify, as did the skiing as we entered into the jam session. Young gun Deja Parker, nine years old, began set the bar extremely high for a little guy, with effortless superman front-flips and huge airs out of the quarter pipe.

If one thing is for certain, Bearsden locals go big or they go home. The session was off the charts, with plenty of riders chasing after new tricks during the session, with the good vibes on a high. It was an exciting jump jam, even the rail rats Will Wesson and Kevin Salonius got involved.

During the whole session, start to finish, we struggled to notice a single skier or snowboarder stop riding, despite the torrential rain for most of the session. Demonstrating an unrivaled passion for skiing that is so common at so many of the dry-slope and indoor facilities around the UK. If you only ski outside of the UK, this is certainly something you must get amongst.

Drum roll please! Here are the winners from the second stop of the Planks Grassroots Tour at Bearsden Ski Club in Scotland:

Best Trick: Deja Parker
Most Stoked: Adam Hynd
Best Male Skier: McKenzie Haily
Best Snowboarder: Eral Maddoy
Best Female Skier: Heidi Mackay
Best Style: Sam Murdock

Young gun Deja Parker also won the opportunity to compete at the Planks Grassroots Tour Final, at the Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival, on Mt. Battersea in London.

As if the day wasn't rad enough already... Our friends at Freeze Pro Shop also celebrated their 20th birthday in Edinburgh that evening, where they premiered Level 1's Romance and Lupe Hagearty's 10 Year Street Recap. So a big thanks to Freeze Pro Shop for inviting the crew, peace, love and powder turns!

That's a wrap for Scotland, next up we headed over to the SnowDome in Tamworth...

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