Planks Grassroots Tour Stop 3: SnowDome, Tamworth

For the third stop of the Planks Grassroots Tour we invaded the SnowDome in Tamworth. A place known for its rope tow and rail garden. We had a great turnout with over one hundred competitors, so from the get-go it was set to be an awesome event.

The SnowDome did an awesome job of putting together a solid park, with a monstrous rail in the middle that shadowed all the other features. Of which we saw some tasty creativity from, Line Traveling Circus veteran, Will Wesson. Meanwhile, Lupe Hagearty was lacing tricks like backslide nose grabs all night long, which still appears to break the laws of physics.

Once again, we kicked things off with the warm up jam session, where we started to see what to expect for the real deal. We had so many skiers on the slope that the rope tow couldn’t handle the weight of us all, so some people opted for the full slope travelator laps.

Things started to ramp up as we began dishing out spot prizes, with skiers throwing themselves at tricks for the first time and flexing their go-to best tricks. The skiers were hiking up the slope and queuing for their chance to win some fresh Planks Clothing goodies.

As we jumped into the main jam session, the judges surfaced, the vibes were high, then came some mind blowing trickery. Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington was unleashing some huge 360 switch-up combos on the huge drop rail. Even though Tamworth isn’t known for big jumps, everyone was definitely making good use of the small jumps on hand, with tricks such as switch front flips going down.

Then to wrap things up we had a sea of skiers at the bottom of the slope, waiting to see if they'd done enough to win. However, it didn’t matter if they hadn’t, because we threw so many prizes out the the crowd too.

Here are all the winners from the 3rd stop of the #PlanksGrassroots Tour:


Best Crash: Dean Harris

Most Stoked: David Lee

Best Trick: Alex Black

Best Style: Mason Flannery

Best Female Snowboard: Megan Munroe

Best Male Snowboard: Callum Ruodes


3rd Ski Women: Esme Befelsen

2nd Ski Women: Ella Foster

1st Ski Women: Lara Shaw


3rd Ski Men: Sam Allen

2nd Ski Men: Josh Jenkins

1st Ski Men: Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington

Telegraph Ski & Snowboard Festival Invite: Josh Jenkins

Next up we headed over to Stoke Ski Centre...

📸: Max Allcock

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