Behind The Woodsy Series

We had a chat with James "Woodsy" Woods to talk about his NEW signature series and skiing.

What are you most excited about from the NEW Woodsy Signature Series collection?

​AH! Everything is so exciting! Honestly, it is an amazing thing to have such input into the products I'm going to use.

  1. It really does make me feel that my opinion and thoughts are valid which is a really rewarding feeling (I don't know if that sounds vain or not, I can't quite tell but just trying to be honest).
  2. It is amazing to be so comfortable with what I'm wearing. I am literally wearing exactly what I want to be and look exactly as I intend on when I'm shredding - and that's a really big deal. I'm comfortable physically and mentally in the style I'm rocking. Look good, feel good, ski good.

What are your plans for the winter season?

I plan as usual to hit all of the major contests throughout the season, as I love competing and keeping on top of the game. I love this whole sport and still think it's an amazing opportunity that I have to keep my foot in the door in high-level competitions. I will, of course, be continuing my video series Woodsy's World, of which I am very proud of and I'm hoping it will continue to grow, to lead me onto more and more opportunities in the world of filming!

What inspired the design and the army green colour?

​The full green suit is inspired by the freeskiing I was inspired by myself as a grom - it was grunge, punk rock and pretty heavy scene back then and I still love it! As much as I want to spread the love when I'm skiing (and I really do), I don't see any reason why I shouldn't look like a badass while I'm doing it.

If you could only do 3 tricks for the rest of your life what would they be?

Frontflips, backflips and rodeo 7 mute - very difficult question!

If you had to pick one functional feature within your signature series, what would it be and why?

​Functional features are tough being predominantly a park skier as everything is way oversized and basically acting against itself in the fight to look good - steeze before freeze baby! However, a huge factor for me is I love shredding in my hoodie, so it's been amazing to work with Planks on a material that still looks, feels and rocks like a hoodie, but is actually waterproof. So in any conditions, the gnarly backcountry guys who think they know best, don't have a leg to stand on when I'm lapping the park in just a hoodie! No hate, I'm only joking, I love you guys.

If you couldn’t ski what would you be doing instead?

Surfing and skydiving.

What is your number one priority when it comes to skiwear?

Looking good and feeling good all add up to the confidence to ski good. It's not vanity or maybe it is I can't speak to that, however, what I can speak to is the all-round confidence it gives you to be wearing kit that you're proud to rock and that you know will get you through if you get caught out by the conditions.

What was your most memorable moment from last season?

Obviously, it was pretty amazing to walk away from last season as Slopestyle World Champion - that's a goal I've been gunning at for a long while now. It has been very irritatingly evading me until now, so I'm certainly proud of that! Honestly, there were (as it is every year) so many great parts of last season, but if I had to pick one more out, it would be having my brother come out to support me at X Games Aspen again - that's a special thing!

For extra Woodsy style how would you advise people to wear your new signature series?

Do as you will, but make sure you're rocking it in your own way and stay true to that no matter what others might think or your style. Some times I run my jacket unzipped and wear nothing but a headband up top, even on a freezing cold day. I want to feel the wind rushing through my hair and I know that it's rad as hell to have a badass flow following as I rip through the park. You don't have to agree with me, but you do have to come up with your own way to run it.

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