What's The FUSS?


The FUSS isn’t a club; it’s a collective of shredders and chancers with too much time on their hands. So, if you’re not busy solving the mysteries of the universe, we’ve found a way to put you to good use.

Here's the deal


We’ve built this shiny new portal which rewards you for doing our dirty work. We’ll start you off with some easy missions so that you can familiarise yourself with how the platform works and begin building up points. The more FUSS points (our currency) you earn, the more challenges you’ll unlock. Of course, you’ll want to keep logging back in to see what's new.

What's in it for me?


As if prestige and FUSS points weren’t enough!

As you level-up, you’ll unlock all kinds of freebies and rewards (like merch, gift vouchers and event access). By the time you’ve reached the upper ranks and earned our respect, you’ll be swimming in swag and tripping on FUSS power!

How it works


Complete missions

Earn points

Level up

Get rewarded

How to earn points


Complete profile

Subscribe to our newsletter

Share photos

Complete surveys

Leave a review


Competition entry

Much more!

Level up


FUSS Level 1

FUSS Level 2

FUSS Level 3

FUSS Level 4

Rewards Just joined FUSS Level 1 FUSS Level 2 FUSS Level 3 FUSS Level 4

Unique referral code access

15% discount

Sneak peaks

20% discount

Exclusive invites/content

Free beanie

The FUSS T-shirt

Access to exclusive products

The FUSS hoodie and mug

35% discount

VIP events access

Chance to earn much more!