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While we stay at home during the coronavirus lockdown, there's no better time to binge on ski movies. So, to honour our own grassroots heritage and keep you entertained, we have picked some of our favourite British ski movies, and taken a look back at the times international pros visited the UK for a slice of the action.

Coming from the UK, we never had epic powder days, perfectly built parks or world-class pros to watch and learn from. All we had were a few plastic bristles and a whole lot of passion.

Half Way Home was Unity Productions' final film, featuring action on UK soil and overseas, with a stacked crew of the best British skiers. Without a doubt, they set the bar for UK skiing and what was possible for an island with none or very little real skiing. Indoor slopes, dry-slopes, street skiing and park shoots, they went out with a bang on this one.

God Save The Scene was Ski The Kingdom's first full-length film, that showcases everything that is great about the UK skiing community. It features plenty of dry-slope and indoor skiing madness, including a drop in from a tractor to a full backyard dry-slope and much more. This is a must-watch classic that will have you itching to explore the ski world beyond the mountains.

Sheffield Ski Village was the training grounds for many UK skiing legends including, X Games Gold Medallist and 2019 World Slopestyle Champion, James 'Woodsy' Woods. Sheffield Ski Village, which was believed to be the largest artificial ski resort in Europe, opened in 1988 and was the UK's snow-sports hub for many years, until it was destroyed by fire in 2012. SALT-STREET Productions brought what is left of Sheffield Ski Village back to life in 2015 with RED RUN.

The Fridge Bangers crew are the new kids on the block, but they certainly made an entrance with their first film Always Alright. Featuring more dry-slope and indoor action from all over the UK, with a handful of up and coming young guns. Yes, this film is full of bangers.

The creative masterminds from Finland, known as Real Skifi, left their stomping grounds in 2015 to visit the UK. Dry-slopes proved to be the perfect playground to support their creative visions, but that didn't stop them from putting down a handful of first-time tricks on the indoor slopes too.

In October 2016, your favourite Englishman James 'Woodsy' Woods came home to the UK with Jossi Wells, Noah Morrison, Vinnie Gagnier, Jonas Hunziker, McRae Williams and Wacko Wells. They toured the best slopes in the UK, signed hundreds of autographs, then wrapped things up with a party in London.

Line Travelling Circus, skiing's longest-running webisode series, has been a huge influence on many skiers over the years. They are known for their creative and technical rail abilities, travelling around in a stinky van, making something out of nothing, being goofy and having too much fun. So when Will Wesson, Andy Parry, Rob Heule and Sämi Ortlieb made the trip the ski the UK back in 2013, they fitted in perfectly.

Back in 2014, Mike Hornbeck, Jacob Wester, Kim Boberg, and Mees van Lierop. Skiing wasn't necessarily something that would come to mind when thinking about the United Kingdom, but much to their surprise, the English countryside is filled with skiing. Before premiering their Oil & Water film from Armada Skis at the IF3 Film Festival in London.

Then last, but certainly not least, the 2019 Planks Grassroots Tour, where Lupe Hagearty, Will Wesson and Kevin Salonius joined us for stops two to five of the tour. Our Grassroots events create a super-inclusive environment, where local riders can ski with world class athletes, inspiring them for years to come.

Stay tuned for more film suggestions and content to keep you entertained during the lockdown...

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