Cruise Control

It's that time of the year again; the snow is falling across the Alps, we're all getting stoked for the start of winter and almost every other day another film company is dropping their latest flick. Today it was the turn of Gpsy Feelin who have just released their latest film Cruise Control, but as we sat down to watch it we couldn't help but feel a little nostalgic as this may well be the last film the Gpsy crew will ever make. Planks has been working with Gpsy for a long time and watching the film it certainly felt like the end of an era, but one thing is for sure, these guys definitely know how to go out on a high!

565_20150114.Hakuba_HappoOne Leo shredding lines in his home town of Val d'Isere

The film features Planks riders Leo Taillefer and Flo Bastien, who have been filming together since before Gpsy was founded and both featured in their first film Se Rac, which was released in 2009. For their most recent film they took what they described as the trip of a lifetime to Japan for a month of filming. Heading there for the fluffy pow and waist deep turns, the guys also found themselves immersed into the Japanese culture.  

_87V6303_louisgarnier_FloBastien_gpsyfeelin Flo on the hunt for some pow in the Japanese backcountry

'Compared to the skiing in Val d'isere, Japan is crazy!  It was the first time we had all travelled that far together, it was such a cool experience checking out the different culture, mountains, terrain and snow.' - Leo Taillefer 'We really enjoyed the lifestyle of the people there. They are really welcoming and respectful. The Japanese food is also something to try! Katsudon every day all day!' - Flo Bastien

039_20150108.NosawaOnsen Leo enjoying the finest Japanese Pow

Check out the full fim just below; filled with backcountry booter sessions and beautifully scenic camera angles, this is one film thats sure to get you fired up for the winter.

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