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We all know about the crazy antics that the Real Skifi guys get up to when they click into their skis. So last summer we decided we wanted to see what they could come up with if they had the chance to come to the UK and ride dryslope and indoors. We fired them over a quick email to see if they were interested, seeing as how it was summer in Finland and there wasn't much snow about they figured why not and booked themselves some plane tickets.

IMG_7682 Classic British conditions. Wind and rain with a touch of grass.

On the first day we headed to Halifax dry slope and a after a few runs to find their feet on the dry slope the guys quickly scoped out a rail and a few other features and started hauling them out on to the slope. Initially they had all agreed that they were more interested in skiing indoors but as soon as the crew had seen the endless possibilities of just placing features anywhere they wanted on the dryslope the focus changed very quickly.

IMG_7732 The crew working together to get the shots.

So the following day after a quick stop in Castleford we all headed down to Stoke-on-Trent. As the home town of Planks founder Jim Adlington it felt very special to be able to bring the Real Skifi crew here. The slope is also run by a super passionate group of freeskiers who were more than willing to really let us go to town and build whatever we wanted, making it the ideal place to really get creative. And it wasn't long before dendix mats were being laid through the woods and a saw and nails were being taken to the decking.

IMG_7945 Backyard skiing on another level?

We weren't able to travel with them for the whole week so once we had finished at Stoke we gave them the details of all the indoor shoots we had lined up for the rest of the week and sent them on their way. It's been a long few months of anticipation waiting to see the finished episode and exactly what they were able to come up with but its finally online and it certainly doesn't disappoint.

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