Fix it F**k Brexit Morzine

Last week the team at The Boot Lab brought Fix it F**K Brexit to Morzine. After a hugely successful event in both Courchevel and Meribel the team brought their eco fundraising event to Morzine with the help of The Bec Jaune Brewery and Montagne Verte, a group in Morzine who are forming an action group to help small businesses change their models by offering them support, consultation and carbon off-setting.


Gina from The Boot Lab was on hand to repair any items of clothing to avoid them going into landfill replacing zips, patching up rips and hand stiching holes.

The production of a kg of material produces 23.2kg of CO2 emissions. With roughly 125kg of clothing repaired, and back in use, Gina has helped keep 2,900kg of CO2 emissions under ground!

The Boot Lab state ‘according to The Carbon Trust, clothing accounts for around 3% of the global production (or 850 million metric tonnes) of CO2 emissions per year. This figure includes both the production process and emissions produced after we have bought the clothing, such as washing, drying and ironing.’

This is a huge success for the Fix It F**K Brexit events! Here at Planks as part of our Be More Friendly environmental pact we endeavour to repair products wherever we can. We work with a brilliant outdoor technical repair company in the UK who make it possible for us to keep our products performing as well as you. In 2016 The UK sent 235 million items of clothing to landfill, we are determined to not be a part of those scary statistics. If you have a product that's in need of a little TLC please get in touch with our customer services team who will see what they can do to get your item back in shape.


Over 80,000 trees planted due to the donations raised by the selling of unwanted old ski clothing and equipment at the event.

1 tree sequesters about 22kg of CO2 per year, so in total that’s 1,760,000 million kg of carbon each year!

The guys at the boot lab decided on two locations to plant trees in. The first here in the French Rhône-Alpes through MyTree. And the second through Trees for the future, an organisation that plants trees for families in Africa. ‘This gives communities the ability to transition from unsustainable farming techniques to a Forest Garden system, where tree planting not only sustains and empowers, but also changes lives forever.

Our partners at Little Difference know all about tree planting go check out what they do here.


There was also a bring and buy rail which enabled the swapping of over 800 items of clothing and ski gear. That’s a massive 700kg of kit that has been given a new life. That swapped ski gear has saved an estimated 16.28 tons of carbon emissions.

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