Introducing Graystone

Introducing Graystone Action Sports Academy, exactly what the UK action sports and snow sports community has been missing for sooo long. If you haven't already - you need to drop in or slide by.

This huge new development based in Manchester, at the heart of the UK, is set to change the game of UK snow sports. No doubt helping to produce plenty more heroes like James 'Woodsy' Woods and Billy Morgan (both Graystone ambassadors) in the foreseeable future. For this very reason we are incredibly stoked to be one of Graystone's partners.

For all action sports enthusiasts, when you first enter the complex you are spoilt for choice. With a street section, bowl, mini ramps, ressi ramp, a big air jump and an Olympic trampoline into a foam pit, the toughest bit is knowing what to throw yourself at first.

If you want to improve your aerial awareness for launching yourself off some beasty booters next winter, there is no doubt that this is the place to do so.

On offer, there are also beginner sessions for skateboarding, ski/snowboard coaching on the big air foam pit and much more. There is something for everyone. All in all, this will help the UK on its journey to becoming an action sports superpower.

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