A Day in the Life of a 'Fridge Kid'

Winter may be gone but the shred lives on. So we caught up with our pro team athlete and Team GB shredder Mike Rowlands to tell us all about his life as a 'fridge kid'.

Why is skiing in a fridge so rad?

"The whole UK scene (not only indoors) is so amazing because it is the sport at its most pure. It's a whole bunch of people who have come together to make skiing and snowboarding possible in a country where it shouldn't be. That's why it's so rad."

What is the most ridiculous trick you've done skiing indoors?

"I think looking back it would definitely be a straight upright 1260 on the smallest jump ever. God knows what possessed me to do it."

What is your most hilarious memory from skiing indoors?

"To be honest I have so many, I'd have to say just watching some of my mates fall over, again and again. That stuff never gets old."

What is a standard day of skiing indoors for you?

"Well, that's the beauty of it. There is no typical day for everyone that uses the indoor domes. Everyone has their own lives and then come together once or twice a week to shred. Unfortunately this summer my indoor skiing days will consist of working my temporary 9-5 job, going to the gym, packing up my car before driving to The Snow Centre in Hemel Hempstead and getting my shred on."

Can you describe the life as a 'fridge kid' in three words?

"Loads of fun."

What ski antics have you got planned up for summer?

"This summer I plan on skiing in Europe as much as I can, doing a tonne of filming and putting a sick edit out. I’ve missed out on a lot of skiing during last season due to injuries so hopefully, I can make up for that this summer."

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