British film crew Perspective Studios recently launched their second annual movie Misconceptions at IF3 London. The film stars Planks rider Mike Rowlands, who has one of the main parts and without doubt some of the sickest shots of the whole film. Now that the full film is online we thought it was time to catch up with Mike to find out a little bit more about the project and if there are plans for more movies in the future.

Image: Joe Webster

For those who have not heard of Perspective Studios before can you tell us a little bit more? Perspective studios was created a few seasons ago by a good friend of mine. He injured himself at the start of his season and instead of packing up and going home, he turned his attention to creating a film showcasing UK talent and it sort of just went from there.

What trips did you take with the crew this year and which one was your favourite? Out of all the trips we took together as a crew, I would have to say the most fun and productive was shooting urban in Austria. On one day we managed to ride 3 different spots, each of them had a quick build time, we all managed to get the shots we wanted and we didn't get kicked out by anyone!

Image: Joe Webster

Which riders did you most enjoy filming with this year? I was lucky enough to have a really good crew of riders to film with this year. It was sick to see urban-virgins like Tyler Harding absolutely kill it! It made everyone that much more motivated to get the shots.

What's the plan for this coming season? We are definitely looking to shoot some more urban this year, but this time with a bigger crew. We are already looking into doing another trip to Spain due to the amount of spots it has. I think with a solid crew and the trips we have planned, next years film should be even better!

Image: Joe Webster

Can you give us any clues on which new riders might be joining the crew? We definitely have our eyes on a few riders who are looking really promising but I won't name any names ;)

Any final shoutouts? Just want to say a huge thanks to all the people that made this years film possible. Without you guys we wouldn't be able to do this! Check out the full film just below and make sure to head over to Mike's Facebook Page to keep up to date with everything he's doing this winter.

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