What up? I´ve been skiing in central Austria for two days and made a little edit. It was a hole lot of fun skiing with my buddys Agron Imeri and Andraz Sparovec from Slovenia. We startet with the amazing kicker line at the Absolut Park in Flachauwinkel -  this park has perfect conditions, especially the kicker line... incredible! It was a pretty good feeling doing some bigger jumps as I had so much injury´s last season. Later that day we killed some of the numerous rails, boxes and much more sick stuff you can be creative with. We also checked out the Superpark Planai in Schladming. Since two month I can call it my new hometown and I tell you: this city rocks :) everyone should travel to this place once in their lifetime. planai_1   Back to skiing, yeah, there is still not enough snow for big jumps in this area but the shapers are doing a great job. They created an awesome rail set up! Big up for that!! It was so much fun at this day cause it was just simply skiing - shredding rails, jumping over boxes, butters...we skied what we wanted and that's freeskiing in my opinion. But less talking... more edit... so enjoy:

Greetz Daniel

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