Organic Cotton vs Regular Cotton

Our new streetwear is made using 100% GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) Certified Cotton. GOTS certification is the gold standard for sustainable processing of organic textiles. 

Regular cotton is often branded as ‘eco-friendly’, but this is not the case. It may be cheaper, but this reduced cost comes at a high price for our planet and people. 

Here’s why we opt for Organic Cotton over Regular Cotton.

  1. Natural seeds: Organic cotton is grown from natural seeds, whilst regular cotton is often produced from GM (genetically modified) seeds. Growing cotton from natural seeds benefits farmers, as they’re not reliant on big corporations for their seeds.
  2. No nasy chemicals: Regular cotton is loaded with pesticides, which can be super harmful to the ecosystem, farmers and manufacturers. 
  3. Sustainable farming practices: Organic cotton uses organic agricultural practices, meaning that the focus is on maintaining healthy soil and preventing land degradation. 

Overall, organic cotton production is kinder to the environment, ecosystems and to those who farm it. It’s grown from natural seeds, is less water-intensive to grow and no harmful chemicals are used.

We've GOTS your back 🌱

100% Organic Cotton Streetwear 

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