Pete Oswald's First Descent of Mt. Aurum

Planks Athlete Pete Oswald's first descent of Mt. Aurum, written by the man himself...

When you really have a proper adventure, when s**t's getting real and you're at your limit in more ways than one, that's when you really want photos or some video, just some sort of imagery, a vivid record to reflect on later.

The route we took from the Summit of Mt. Aurum | Photo credit to Jeremy Lyttle

But that's the thing. In times like that of real urgency, where you are suffering just trying to get through there is NO moment to pull out a camera, there are are no photos or videos because you have had to ditch any actions that arn't essential to getting you out of the shituation you are in. You have had to focus entirely on the task at hand - in this case, walking 12 km of unknown terrain and wadding through a river 60 times in the pitch black with a fading head torch.

The 12km walk out back across the 60 river crossing | Photo credit to Jeremy Lyttle

So, I have very little imagery from the "good" parts of this trip, I did, however, get some snippets of "C" rate disjointed POV footage that I have tried to put together to explain those first 12 hours...

Jeremy tours beneath the South Face | Photo credit to Jeremy Lyttle

The plan was not to ski the South Face, the plan was the East Face, but when we got close it looked like The South Face could be on. Burley but but possible.

Jeremy and Pete on the Summit of Mt Aurum 2245m | Photo credit to Jeremy Lyttle

Thanks to NZ Skier Magazine for publishing our adventure, Sophie and Sarah for coming to look for us & Jono & Georgie for one of the best spas and beers I have ever had after we got back.

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Written by: Pete Oswald

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