Planks Team Take Over Woodward Copper

Come and join the Planks Team at Woodward Copper this summer for the best week of your life. Duncan Adams & Dan Dougherty are going to be there with even more of our riders being confirmed over the next couple of weeks. Since Dan was there last year we asked him exactly what it was like and what campers can expect from a week at Woodward... "Basically the campers get up in the morning, eat breakfast, meet up with their coaches and head up to the snow in Central Park which is awesome, stacked with features of all sizes including at least a dozen rails and multiple jumps as well as a surface lift to provide endless hot laps all morning. At noon campers head back down, eat lunch and then either head to the barn, which is like nothing else in the world in terms of both fun and progression, or head to the hike park and keep skiing, or take part in all the activities in the village including mountain scootering, "diggling" which makes it worth going to camp in itself! After dinner the campers head back to the barn with their counselors and play on any of the trampolines, in the foam pits, skate areas, or take part in the nightly activities before finally heading to bed and starting all over the next day." Check out some of the pictures of Dan from last years camp below or head over to the Woodward website for more info, pictures, videos or to book your spot now. Untitled-1 IMG_5110 IMG_5111

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