Planks Week at Woodward Copper

Words By Alex Keimel Photos by Miles Weaver & Chip Proulx A few weeks ago was the first ever Planks week at Woodward Copper and I was more than stoked to get the chance to go along and shred. It was awesome to have my good friend and one of the newest members of the team Lupe Hagearty fly out for the week and making new friends with other team riders like Dan Dougherty and Duncan Adams, was also a blessing. The week started off in great fashion and on the first day all the kids were stoked and everyone was charging hard. We were all so happy to be back on our skis that no one held back, the very fact that we could hit a jump line at Copper in June was just too good to be true. We skied all day, only stopping for lunch and later that night we all headed over to the barn and got the kids stokedby giving out some product. By the end of the first day we were all exhausted and none of us had any trouble sleeping.


The second day went by about the same, skiing all day and going to the barn at night. On the third day Dan and myself held a little session for the campers on one of the rails in the lane. We told the kids we were giving out product for learning new tricks and the session took off from there. Later that night, Lupe, Dan and myself along with some of the other visiting pros and coaches hiked up the mountain and had a fire. Too tired from the night before, the next day we decided not to go up and ski Central park and instead we all went to the Pavilion park to film rails. We were all kinda off our game but until Lupe got the energy going with a few banger tricks in a row. After that we all started feeding off each other and the atmosphere was great.


Day four we were all back up at Central knowing that it was our second to last day on the hill. Speed was good and the sun was shining so in the morning we just lapped the park as fast as we could. That afternoon I decided to take the time to ski with the campers some more and I found a smaller group of kids to shred with. It was another great day on the hill and more than a pleasure so see the campers progressing and pushing the sport. Off hill later that day we had a frozen T-shirt contest and a ski boot race for the campers.


The last day we didn’t make it to the morning session because we were all so exhausted, but Dan and I went up in the afternoon and ended up having the funnest day of the week. We were tired of just hitting all the same features so we started surfing down the lane, slashing hips and finding any tranny we could and we even managed to get a few shots in for the weekly edit which was a bonus.

Overall the week was great, everyone was killing it and the vibes were positive. Good skiing and good friends were what brought it all together. We'll be back again next year and hope to see even more campers over there!! #ShredOn

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