Planks X EcoSki: Rewear, Repair & Share More ♻️

Today’s Global Recycling Day. We want to talk about the circular economy and how ski gear can be kept in play for longer. 

Our friends at EcoSki are on a mission to reduce consumption and keep hard-wearing kit in circulation for longer. Their ultimate goal is to help reduce the pressure on our planet’s finite resources, limit unnecessary waste and expense.

EcoSki believes we should buy less, rewear, repair & share more; we’re with them on this. At Planks, our product philosophy is ‘make rad gear that lasts’. We want our gear to be kept in circulation for as long as possible.


So how is this achieved? EcoSki have provided 4 very clear choices

RepairPre-ownedRent and New “kit with a conscience”.

All of which will be providing a more positive step towards a circular solution. 

Pre-Owned Program

 EcoSki launched the pre-owned arm of their business to help keep quality kit in circulation for longer. Just because an item is Pre-Loved, it doesn't mean it can’t be Re-Loved … It just needs help finding its next home. 

Through EcoSki you can get your hands on quality, ex-rental kit or items donated by customers - all provided at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Skiwear is designed to keep us warm, dry and safe in harsh environments so it must be durable and hard wearing. It’s this durability that makes pre-owned skiwear a brilliant alternative to buying new.”

EcoSki Ambassador Chemmy Alcott & GB snowboarder Aimee Fuller are both huge supporters of this mission which why you will find all of their pre-owned kit available to rent or buy at EcoSki for your next adventure. If you're quick enough, you may even be able to bag yourself one of Aimee Fuller's snowboards! 

Get Involved! 

 Do you have any ski kit that you would like to re-home, clear out your cupboards or trade in what you have?

The team at EcoSki are keen to help and you can be part of their mission. Send your pre-owned ski kit to the below address with your contact details included. One of their team will be in touch once it’s been processed and condition checked to offer you a discount code that can be used across their site.

Send to: EcoSki Donations, Po Box 1548, STAMFORD, PE8 9BN

For more information visit Pre Owned (

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