Sustainable Travel: Rethink Your Journey

A Step Forward: Train Transfers with Heidi

Our friends at Heidi have some cool news to share.

They'll now be offering train transfers to resort. This is their first step towards being able to offer end-to-end ski holidays by train. Getting a train transport from airport to resort is more environmentally friendly and also super easy. It's often a much cheaper option too.

Check out ski holidays by train: Ski holidays by train - Heidi - Let's Go

POW's Mobility Month

This month is POW's Mobility Month and it's had Planks HQ talking about sustainable transport. If you haven't heard of POW (Protect Our Winters), they're an awesome charity who are working hard to accelerate transition to a carbon neutral society and to reduce our individual and collective footprints.

The POW Mobility Month challenges those within the outdoor industry to reconsider their travel habits and modes of transport in order to pave the way for a greener and (snowier) future.

They've got loads of awesome activities, competitions and prizes. Click here to find out more.

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