Sailing is the new skiing, for the summer at least

Instead of looking out of the white mountain peaks I’m now watching the swell and the waves curl on the water every day. I’ve changed my stiff boots and fat skis for a pair of salty sea boots and a rain jacket. It’s a very similar feeling, skiing and sailing I mean. You are depending a lot on Mother Nature which means you’re never fully in control. You try to, and when you master that speed, snow, wind, air time or so you get the adrenalin kick. And that is one thing that keeps you hooked. I have put together some of my favorite pics from the summer so far to give you a clue what I’ve been up to. Always rocking my sweet Planks shades of course! 14378476019 Here's the boat that I'm sailing on this summer. It's a fairly big boat and stripped down to mainly be used as a race boat. It's hell of a fun to sail! This photo is from the finish line when we did ÅF offshore race in Sweden. We did pretty good, and most importantly won over the guys boat. Me and my team mates are working with new guest every day and taking people sailing and teaching them how to handle a boat like this. We do this in the northern Eurolands so to get around we sail the boat to these different locations. Wanna see how a delivery can look? SONY DSCIn action at the delivery from Stockholm to Kiel. Photo by Fredrik Kockum SONY DSCWaiting for the wind to come. Photo Fredrik Kockum 2014-04-30 09.48.39Every now and then we have to get up in the 22 meter mast to fix something, pretty good view! 2014-07-01 21.04.14Swedish summer at its best But don't worry I haven't fully converted to a salty sea dog, I still dream about the mountain view and to have skis under my feet. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is nice DSC_3797Can't wait to do some lines like this again! Keep on shredding wherever you are, sea or snow!    

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