Surf's Up Down Time With Woodsy

Ever wondered what your favourite British freeskier gets up to during the summer? You would think it'd be strict training regimes, summer skiing, and more... but no. The life of a professional skier is even more dreamy than you'd imagine. Well, it is for Woodsy anyway.

As we get ready to roll into winter and put summer behind us, we caught up with our boy Woodsy to find out more about his down time at Miramar Surf Camp.

Photography credit: Renato Tinoco, Bruno Ventu & Conrado Lage

Since the end of the winter season, you've gone under the ski-dar for a minute. Tell us where you've been and what you've been up to over the last few months.

Haha! I love 'the ski-dar' and yes I don’t think Nicaragua shows up on it! Everyone needs a break at some point, so for me now after the winter season I’m in the ocean. I will always be a skier and pursue my dreams within skiing, but in the summer surfing gives me a fresh boost of inspiration, motivation and a range of new goals to keep me stoked and not just wallowing my days away waiting to ski again to feel productive.

You've spent a good chunk of your off-season at the Miramar Surf Camp in Nicarágua over the last few years. How did you find this place and what keeps you going back for more?

That’s true. I’ve properly fallen in love with Nicaragua and I'm particularly head-over-heels for a small spot called Miramar which I found by chance a few years ago. It’s a small, super chill town with a bunch of rad people around and has a range of different really good waves. So now I’ve actually invested in Miramar Surf Camp and its hotel. I'm very much enjoying spreading the ski stoke to the surfers here and the surf stoke to the skiers that swing by!

What does the average day in surf paradise look like for you?

Well, it’s all dependant on the tide that day but it’s pretty much surf, eat, sleep, repeat! I throw in workouts either in the morning or evening, then when the sun isn’t too hot to keep the ski legs ready for action and I’m spearfishing too, which is really meditative.

Can you give us a peak and the pit for your time in Nicarágua so far this year?

The peak has to be the Miramar Open!!! Miguel and Nico Porteous, Colby Stevenson and Alex Hall all came here for two weeks and we had such a good time! On one of the days, we decided to hold a contest - why everything has to be a competition I don’t know, but it was very fun! The rules can only be disclosed to competitors on the morning of the competition to inhibit preparation, training or any kind of coaching. But what I can tell you is that it was a really, really fun day and I very much hope more skiers and snowboarders will come to visit and show these surfers what’s up!

The pit would be getting hit by a stingray, not only because it hurt, but more so because I’m the only person in ten years to have found one around here! 😂

You're far from the mountains right now, but does surfing benefit your skiing in any way? If so, how?

Absolutely, without a doubt! I mentioned earlier about fresh inspiration, motivation and goals, these things are directly relatable to my skiing. I’m always learning, outside, super active and challenging myself, so all of this keeps my special awareness tuned in and absolutely benefits my skiing. Not to mention the back strengthening and extension from paddling a surfboard are exactly what my spine needs after a long winter of impacts! Plus seeing how much I suck at surfing every day really inspires me to not suck at skiing!

What's your favourite element of surfing?

The ocean, the nature. It’s all a million miles away from my normal, but it’s all very much connected. My mind flicks to the mountains at least a few times every day and to how lucky I am to be experiencing all of this.

If surfing and skiing were off the cards, what would you be doing instead during your off-season downtime and why?

Paragliding and sky diving, definitely. I really do enjoy them as well however skiing and surfing take priority at the moment.

What is your main focus during your off-season?

My focus is to not focus. To let my mind wander, relax, become the student again and free up all of that creative space, so I’m ready to put all of myself back into skiing when the time comes.

When will we see you back on your skis and what's your plan of action between now and next winter?

I’ll be back on the European glaciers this month and I’m very excited about it! I’m fresh, I’m stoked, I’m strong and ready to hit the winter running!

Photography credit: Renato Tinoco, Bruno Ventu & Conrado Lage

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