The New Yeti Series, What’s in the Mix?

The Yeti Series has been a staple part of Planks’ outerwear collection since its introduction. Over the last ten years, we’ve learned a lot about designing outerwear and what’s needed for exploring the mountains comfortably. With our heads full of new ideas, we went back to the drawing board - the result is the all-new Yeti Series, remixed and remastered for freeriding in the 2020s! And we’ve expanded the Yeti Series to include women's specific outerwear, which was long overdue. This is feature-loaded, freeride apparel that won’t let you down.

"I'm always stoked to be a big part of the design process. The Yeti Series is close to my heart, it's the collection that I depend on every day of the winter. We wanted to combine the tech and functionality of top-spec 3-layer gear with a cool, heritage styling that will keep the most dedicated freeride junkies happy. I can honestly say we have nailed it. Look good, ride good... stop reading blogs and go riding."

- Jim Adlington, Planks Founder

The plan was simple - take what we’ve learned from more than a decade of designing freeride outerwear and from countless backcountry missions and craft the most functional, best looking technical clothing.

fresh features

When you're in the backcountry, ski touring or just ripping the mountain like a beast, it can be hot work. To avoid you becoming a sweaty yeti this winter, we've thrown in heaps of new ventilation systems to work hand-in-hand with our super breathable RIDEdry20 fabric. But that's just the tip of the iceberg...


Centre zip venting – Time spent in the backcountry means plenty of hiking and touring. There’s a common belief held among touring fans; “there's no such thing as too much ventilation”! If the sun is shining then staying cool is simple, strip down, but when the weather isn’t playing ball venting is vital. This brand-new venting concept was designed to pull cool air in and keep you feeling fresh. Behind the waterproof front zip, there's are two pop studs which keep your jacket from flapping while the zip is fully open. Genius!

Backpack venting – It’s normal to be wearing a backpack off-piste, you might be wearing a heavy AVI pack, or maybe you drew the short straw and it’s your turn to lug the beers to the pre-après spot (please take your empties home). Backpack straps get in the way of under-arm vents, so we've worked the venting around your bag. In combination with the chest pocket and/or centre zip venting, unzipping the backpack venting creates strong airflow through the jacket releasing heat from unreachable hot spots.

Dual-use chest pocket venting – These mesh-lined pockets transform from handy storage pockets into air-sucking mega vents. Just don’t mix the two functions… they’re either pockets or vents. Got it?!


more bib-lical features

Hip to knee venting – Unzip and relax. Our hip-to-knee venting zips dump heat like it’s going out of fashion. They’re the perfect remedy to a blistering spring hike.

Integrated beeper pocket – This integrated transceiver pocket, located on the right-hand thigh of our Yeti bib pants, anchors your beeper to you in the event of an avalanche. It is instantly accessible should a friend get buried.


Bib section - Both the Charger and Roamer bib have a bib section made from air-permeable polyester mesh, which is much, much, much cooler than bibs made from chest to boot with waterproof fabric. The fisherman-style pockets on the chest provide hassle-free storage for anything you might need quick access to, like the Mars bar that’s been eyeballing you since you set-off.

Boot buckles - We hate ruining expensive ski pants. Sharp ski edges, snagging bindings, après celebrations… they’re all potentially hazardous for your new clobber. Our Yeti bibs’ new boot buckle cuffs were inspired by years of early morning hikes and late-night antics in expensive 3-layer. The adjustable boot buckles allow the cuff to be hitched higher up on the boot, preventing rips and tears in the field and on the dancefloor.


feedback from the field

Zuza Witych - 2021 Freeride World Tour Bronze Medalist

"I'm always looking for top-of-the-range technical features with a more freestyle look. The new Yeti series is the perfect combo of both. I’ve tested the Yeti gear in both cold and windy conditions, and during spring shredding, and it adapts to everything, is super comfortable and looks great. I'm sure that every skier girl will love the shape and colours of the new jackets and pants."

📸 : Jacek Wejster

Joss Baldwin - Powder-Hungry Tignes' Addict

"Yeti has been my go-to for the last 4 years, but the new range is Wow! Everything is so well thought through: The stretch fabric is a game-changer, it makes the gear so damn comfortable to ski in, hike in and bust après shapes in! The venting is unreal, even on the hottest spring days you're going to stay cool. And the range looks sick as well! Planks have really stepped it up a notch this year!"

📸 : John Pratt

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We've only highlighted a handful of our favourite features, because the list's longer than a park rat's T-shirt. If you want to get in the mix and find out more about the remixed and remastered Yeti Series, slide onto the links below.

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